Laura Miralbés


a Leandre Ribera and Laura Miralbés original idea

A square
Twenty one chairs
Seven choregrphers
A dancer

Chairs, lots of chairs
they are creating spaces, dialogues, sculptures, suggestions, gaps and routes.
They are inviting you to take a seat.
They are inviting you to watch.

Chairs as a symbol, as a stage, as a interlocutor. We would like to, trough dance, create a diaogue betwen space and audience. A choreography by chance (by surprise), without any objective, that talks to an open audience. We use chairs to create espaces where we can highlight a world that already dancing.

These are the principal notions that our choreographers have to deal with. A performer become the canal of their diferent points of view. Seven creators will bring their point of view, their humor, their lyricism, their rythm, their poetics, their dance.

If we pay attention, an empty, lonely, still chair is already dancing.

Laura Miralbés flows, floats, brings her dance and her generosity, her humankind in this constant search of beauty.

Leandre Ribera