Marco Rubiol & Laura Miralbés



Absurd humor disguised as a contemporary circus.

A certainly different show.

Imagine two unpresentable beings, two unconscious clowns.

Imagine that the smartest thing is to be absurd.

Imagine that laughter is the wisest way to communicate.

Imagine the mixture of humor, dance, music and trapeze.

Imagine a cocktail served without stereotypes.

Still, deNada (you are welcome) will surprise you.

A contagious force, like laughter and rhythm.

“I’m looking for that subtle path towards the empathy with the viewer. The three of us, we walk that way looking for that essence, that magical moment that sometimes the theater can induce.”

Leandre Ribera

Right in that point where two crowded worlds meet,,the nothingness is born. It is full of music, trapeze, laughter, dance…
 Full of emotion.

deNada (you are welcome) is a street theater show. 
It is able to reach everyone, to entertain, to surprise, to excite.

Under a 7 meters high an 8 meters wide structure, we develop our universe… absurd… unusual… but so close. We are looking for the elegance towards simplicity.
Our tools are the dance, the laughter and the music.
We mix everything, we shake it and we try to find something basic, essential. A nothingness that can reach everyone

Marco Rubiol and Laura Miralbés together, they are madness, smiles, as in a fight against gravity
They are grateful of being in here. Dreaming. Thank you… deNada.

Exploring the limits of humor. Of surprise. a contagious force, like laughter and rhythm.

Leandre Ribera, one of the European master of street theater, he brings his wisdom and experience. That can ensure that the audience can say thank you, and thus be able to answer deNada.